Themes From The NAPE Expo

I admit it - I was an energy bust denier. I thought dropping crude would buoy other sectors of the market like midstream and downstream. While that idea isn't totally false, I didn't appreciate the impact of downturns in that first part of the hydrocarbon value stream.

While I was at the NAPE expo last week I heard a myriad thoughts on the market. People are selling because asset prices are depressed. Sometimes we in the industry get caught up in thinking about how complicated the operations of it all are and we forget that the money in the business is largely "real estate" and proved reserves. And in reality, there are few companies who really operate assets for the long term. So with that, here are the three types of themes I observed:

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Industry News: Oil Below $60 A Barrel, Worst Data Breaches of 2014

Tumbling oil prices have been all over the news. However, today is the first time the price has dipped below the $60 benchmark in July 2009. Find out which countries are most affected by the sliding prices. Also, get the latest on shale production and drilling in North Dakota. Finally, see which government breaches were the worst in 2014.

Oil Fell Below $60 a Barrel Today. So Which Countries Are in Trouble?: How 'bout them oil prices, huh? Crude continued its long slide today, with the U.S. benchmark price dipping below $60 a barrel for the first time since July 2009, when the country was just fresh off the recession. The cause? Well, OPEC cut its estimate for how much oil the world will need next year, and Saudi Arabia, the cartel's most powerful member, reiterated that it had absolutely zero plans to cut production, which would theoretically take some of those excess fossil fuels off the market and push prices back up.

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Cimation Ranks As Houston's Third Fastest-Growing Technology Company

Houston, TX – Houston Business Journal recently announced this year's list of the top 25 Fastest-Growing Technology Companies in Houston –and Cimation was number 3! The rankings were based on the percentage of revenue growth between 2011 and 2013, with Cimation increasing its revenue by a whopping 290.73%. Having just celebrated its 6th year in business, this was Cimation's second year to earn a place on the prestigious list.

Our integrated approach to implementing best-in-class engineering operations helped us make it to the top the list. Not to mention our amazing team of experts!

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Concerns Over China Damaging the United States' Power Grid

NSA Director, Adm. Michael Rogers has announced that one or two countries, including China, are capable of damaging United States critical infrastructure and shutting down the electrical grid in parts of the United States. While it has been widely known that cyberattacks of this magnitude were possible, this is the first time it has been confirmed by a top official. We knew that the landscape of industrial hacking was changing, but with this official confirmation brings concerns and questions to the forefront of our minds. These attackers do not seem to be interested in bank accounts or personal information, they are gathering information on entire U.S. Systems and corporate technology to understand how they work to figure out how to control them. The electronic “reconnaissance” is targeted toward industrial control systems, such as oil and gas pipelines, power grids, water treatment plants and chemical facilities.

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A New Look for Cimation

We couldn’t wait until the New Year to give ourselves a new look.  We are excited to announce the launch of our newly-redesigned website, Our simple, bold, and modern design allows users to access all Cimation service offerings, content, and events through any device, easily and from anywhere! Whether you’re on a tablet, desktop, or browsing on your phone, the new design makes it easy to catch up with our latest resources or scan the expert services provided by our consultants and engineers.

We wanted our website to reflect the Cimation Way of doing business. It’s flexible, fast and responsive. One might even say it’s Agile. Our new and improved features include: Read More

Top Business Benefits of Remote Operations

Remote Operations Management is one of the fastest growing segments in the process automation business, and for good reason.  Many companies have realized the many benefits it brings to their business as it diminishes many growing pains they face in their day-to-day operations. Today, with changing (or should we say dropping) gas prices and ever-increasing operational costs, businesses are looking for ways to be more flexible and reduce these operational costs. Meanwhile, we need to keep in mind that it is essential to bridge the gap between the production and enterprise levels as businesses need to access real-time, quality data across multiple locations.

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Industry News: Apple-Targeting Malware Found & Oil Prices Tumble

While October was all about cyber security awareness, November is turning out to be all about oil and gas. In this week's industry round up oil prices take a major fall as Saudi Arabia deep discounts prices of oil to the US. Good news for consumers, bad news for producers in this competive market. In Texas business is still booming with the expansion of domestic drilling, if you want a job in onshore drilling make your way to the Lonestar state. Finally, think your Mac is safe? Think again. A cyber security firm finds malware attacking your OS in this week's news.   

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Industry News: Lower Gas Prices & Oil Discovered in London

In this week's industry news we wrap up cyber security month with key takeways from ICS Cyber Security Conference and how "the status quo with ICS cyber security is not acceptable." After a month of rising oil prices October closes with a decrease in price at the pump and the discovery of oil outside of Gatwick Airport in London. Finally, Royal Dutch Shell celebrates a third-quarter gain and the appointment of a new chairman. 

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Industry News: Death of Energy CEO & Cyber Security Webinar

It's been a sad week in energy news with the loss of Total CEO, Christophe de Margerie. In this week's industry news read about innovations in mapping undeground oil and gas with a new wireless device. Learn about the statoil dicovery of nearly 80 billion barrels of oil in the North Sea. A texas university receives funding to study methane found in ice-like crystals in the gulf and there is still time to register for our upcoming webinar. ICS/Scada systems are extremly vulnerable to cyber attacks, don't miss this opportunity to learn about the risks and how to protect your critical infrastruture. 

Total CEO Dies in a Plane Crash

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The Secure Point of View: A Proactive Approach to ICS Cyber Security

To many oil and gas professionals cyber security can seem like a low priority. However, the need for secure and reliable systems has never been more important. Although there are currently no cyber security regulations around Industrial Control Systems specifically, the possibility of cyber security attacks against industrial control systems with environmental, financial and life-safety consequences is very real. It's up to us to guard against them.

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